The 8-member team of OÜ Balti Puurkaev has been at your service since 2008. We have experience with constructing more than 2,000 wells and the ability to bore up to 160 metres deep. We work all over Estonia and all the year round, at temperatures up to 15°C below freezing. Our customers are mainly private persons, but we also have business customers.


We are a licensed performer of works. We hold license No. KHY000043 for hydrogeology works, license No. EEH004346 for construction works, license No. EEP001699 for design works, and attestation No 1082/13 for water surveys. Estonian Creditor Association have given us certification for being trustworthy partner. Our team comprises competent hydrogeologists, engineers, borers and a registrar, all more than willing to help you.

Customers about us

“The process was simple, as they took care

of all the paperwork.”


          Marianne, Saaremaa

Complete service

We offer complete solutions, formalise all documents, advise you throughout the process and after the works as well. Our services: designing, boring, flushing and eliminating water wells and boreholes. Designing and installing ground heating systems. Installing septics, tanks, treatment plants, pumps and other facilities. Constructing public water supply and sewerage systems. Excavation and general construction works. We are the only provider in Estonia that offers a 30-year warranty on your water well.

“We have achieved long-term collaboration. I first ordered a water well and later a complete solution for water supply as well as regular flushing of the well.”

       Karl, Narva

Modern machine fleet 
View pictures of machines in our fleet. 

“The work was quick and good. The borers were professional and helpful. I would recommend them to my neighbours as well.”

       Raido, Pärnu County