Ground heating

We bore energy wells, i.e., ground heating boreholes, establish underground collectors, and install ground heat pumps. Ground heating pumps and heating modules are installed according to the most recent knowhow. Ground heating is suitable for both new and renovated sites. This way, you will get a well-functioning heat system, economic benefits and nature conservation all in one. 

An energy label will let you know how much energy the building consumes in total, i.e., how much energy is spent on heating, electricity, hot water, etc. With an energy label, the building is assigned an energy efficiency rate and an energy class. We recommend using ground heating, to get an A-label.

What kind of ground heating fits best in my household?

We will perform a hydrogeology survey on your land, taking soil samples and determining the most effective solution. The ground collector is the most economical option, but every soil has different availability of energy. Our years of experience have shown that it would be useful in many places to utilise the energy received from water wells because the water in a well has a constant temperature throughout the year, so energy savings are higher. If you have only limited area of level surface, we recommend installing a heat borehole.

We will choose the most effective solution

1. Ground heating as a horizontally laid ground collector;

2. Heat bore well, collector placed into the well by vertical boring;

3. Closed heating well, where heated water is pumped from one well to a heat exchanger and cooled water is led back to the other well.