A septic is the most convenient and least expensive way to treat the wastewater of a building, a sauna or a summer cottage where there is no central sewerage system, by separating the solids from the wastewater. Before installing a septic, we will go through your local government’s requirements in the region, to get a permit for installing a local septic and a soil filter.


We offer and install 2–10 cubic metre plastic septics and tanks. We use plastic septics complete with seeping tunnels. We will construct the seeping field according to the soil’s specifics. These are thick-walled septics, so they will also stand the pressure of wet soil when emptying the septic; a septic made of a weaker material could be pressed together there. These septics do not need separate sand filler. We also offer special-shape septics, bio-treatment plants and install the customer’s own septics.

Choose the septic size by the number of people

2 cubic metres

2,5 cubic metres

x 8       3 cubic metres

x 10     4 cubic metres

x 12     5 cubic metres