Well flushing

Water quality not good? In order for your new water well to provide you with clean water for a long time, the well needs to be flushed regularly. Your well will be flushed with compressed air; the recommended frequency is after every three to five years. If your water well is bored by Balti Puurkaev and you also order regular flushing from us, we will give a 30-year warranty on your water well.


A septic is the most convenient and least expensive way to treat the wastewater of a building, a sauna or a summer cottage where there is no central sewerage system. We install septics with everything necessary included. We also install septics brought by the customer.

Ground heating

Ground heating pumps and heating modules are installed according to the most recent knowhow. Ground heating is suitable for both new and renovated sites. This way, you will get a well-functioning heat system and economic benefits all in one. We will choose the most suitable solution for you: ground heating with a horizontal ground collector, a collector placed into a well by vertical boring, or a closed heating well, where heated water is pumped from one well to a heat exchanger and cooled water is led back to the other well.

Water supply

We will construct a water supply and sewerage system, bringing water to your house. If you wish to use the water from a water well then a water supply and sewerage system has to be constructed. We will install everything necessary for that: a well pump, a pump station, a pressure tank, automatic equipment and the pipe systems running from the pump station to the main building. If you already have a water well, we will just construct a separate water supply and sewerage system.

Water wells

If you want high-quality water for your home but connecting to the water network is a hassle then a water well is the solution. We will help you from the idea to its implementation, regardless of whether you are only thinking about a water well or already have a ready-made design. The well will normally be ready in two to three months. So it’s wise to plan ahead and consult us early.

Iron removal filters sales and assembly
Filters are designed to purify water from turbidity, colorfulness, iron, manganese and odor for private houses. Mainly it is used for groundwater and sewerage system water purification. It is convenient to order filter and assembly both from us.