Equipment and works from us

We will supply and install everything necessary: a well pump, a regulating tank, a water filter, a bio treatment plant, a pressure tank, and automatic equipment. We will perform the electrical and automation works. We will also construct the seeping system, the seeping tunnels, the pump station and the pipe systems running from the pump station to the main building.

Taking water samples

Per the customer’s wish, we take water samples and have them analysed in attested laboratories. We additionally prepare and implement monitoring plans. We have trained specialists for sampling, and we hold attestation certificate No. 1082/13.

Sampling: from wastewater sediments, surface water, ground water or effluent and wastewater.

Water sampling results
Water samples done and results at hand? What do the quality ratings I, II, III mean about your ground water? Read more here.
Water supply

We will construct a water supply and sewerage system, bringing water to your house. If you wish to use the water from a water well then a water supply and sewerage system has to be constructed. If you already have a water well, we will just construct a separate system.