Water wells

If you want high-quality water for your home but connecting to the water network is a hassle then a water well is the solution. We will help you from the idea to its implementation, regardless of whether you are only thinking about a water well or already have a ready-made design.

What next? 

The process usually takes two to three months. So it’s wise to plan ahead and consult us early. We formalise all documents and advise you throughout the entire collaboration. Follow these steps to get started:









Send us a price query, we will reply with a price quote

Read the instructions to know more about the works

See about the funding from the sparsely populated areas programme of Enterprise Estonia

We co-ordinate the location with local government

Our hydrogeologists co-ordinate your project

The Environmental Board issues an approval for the building permit to the local government

The well is bored

We take water samples from your well

We enter your well’s data in the Environmental Register


What should I know?

Download here and fill in an application for an approval to the water well’s/borehole’s location, to be submitted to the local government. You can submit the application yourself, but you can also let us do it. 

The process may seem long at first, but it is actually enough if you just decide to get a water well for yourself – Balti Puurkaev will take care of the rest. Still, it would be useful for you to know how the process goes; see the instructions for that. At no stage will there be any additional costs for you; everything is included in the price. The well flushing is a separate service.

You can get funding from the sparsely populated areas programme of Enterprise Estonia; this option is used by thousands of Estonians every spring and summer. With the funding, you can complete the water supply and sewerage system, tidy the access road leading from your courtyard to the main road, or install autonomous electricity systems.

In order for your water well to provide you with clean water for many years, it requires at least one flush every five years. If you order a water well with regular flushing from us, we will give your water well a 30-year warranty.

Water samples done and results at hand? What do the quality ratings I, II, III mean about your ground water? Download a document indicating the distribution.

We would like to point out that a vibrating pump must not be used with a water well, as it may permanently damage your well. Call us to learn why.


We will regularly flush your well if you so wish