Well flushing

In order for a water well to provide clean water for a long time, it must be flushed regularly. The recommended frequency is once every three to five years. The flushing of a water well uses compressed air directed at the well’s bottom. This way, the sediments that accumulate at the well bottom will be flushed out and the well’s inner surfaces will be cleaned.


If your water well is bored by Balti Puurkaev and you also order regular flushing from us, we will give a 30-year warranty on your water well. In case of problems with clean water or the well, we will take any measures to guarantee you clean water and a functioning well again.

Does my well need flushing?

If you have noticed the water quality getting worse, the water’s colour and taste changing, sand, sediments or rust appearing, or filters clogging quickly, your well may need flushing. If in doubt, order our water sampling service. Your ground water will be analysed in labs and you will get a detailed overview.

Pump of the well before flushing
Flushed out sediments